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California Dreamin’


While driving down Highway 101 in my convertible Beetle this afternoon, the memory of a newsletter a few years ago came to mind.  I remembered the excitement of that activity during one of my first trips to California and was filled with a sense of accomplishment and content.  First, lately life feels like driving a convertible on the 101 every day and secondly, work is just fun and I am so incredibly blessed to have a positive impact on other people’s life more than ever.

This year has been an amazing learning experience and one of growth.  Recently I learned at a women’s conference that “Your comfort will get bigger as you develop your growth zone”. Staying flexible has been a very rewarding challenge.  For example: announcing that my newsletters will be sent every new moon but allowing the flexibility to send them on another day if the content, day of delivery, and other circumstances deem it appropriate to make that decision.

The transformation my clients experience has been a very humbling process; they report feeling stronger, leaner, and more confident and powerful.  Even allowing themselves to express their emotions through tears.  Not that my goal is to make my clients cry, but the fact that they open themselves up to express those feelings makes me realize how deep my work has become and therefore how meaningful. Improving my clients lives, makes me feel like a happier person.

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