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How to Jumpstart Your Workout Routine for Spring!


“What can I do to jumpstart my program?  I have gained a few pounds and would like to get rid of them as soon as possible.”  Clients ask me this question often.

How do we jumpstart a car when the battery is gone?  We need tools and help. But why do we need to jumpstart a car in the first place?  Because the battery has run out or we forgot to turn off a light or other vital switch.

Isn’t that often the same reason why we need to jumpstart an exercise or nutritional program?  Because we have exhausted ourselves or forgot that we left the appetite light switch on.  Now seriously, what can you do?

I am not big on liquid fasting but perhaps first cleansing your body for one week before a one-day liquid cleanse might work well for you. 

There are some new techniques such as cryotherapy and vitamin/mineral shots if you are willing to try some new things that might help you.  A new gadget called “FasciaBlaster” is getting a lot of attention among women.

But let me ask you: Do you prefer if your car runs smoothly throughout the year or if you have to jumpstart it or take it to the mechanic often?  I think the answer is clear; we would prefer it to run smoothly just like our bodies.

Most of us have business plans, financial plans, even life plans but how many of us design a health plan?  Health is wealth, it is our higher treasure, without health we have nothing but we often forget to make it a priority. 

I am passionate and committed to helping people create and maintain a health plan that can last for a lifetime.  It starts with movement, good nutrition, and stress management.

I invite you to our ongoing group online class every Monday & Wednesday at 3 PM to jumpstart your program.  Sign-Up & Pay for 2 Months and get 2 classes for FREE.
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