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Happy Summer!


I had the immense pleasure last month to attend the “Art of Feminine Presence Retreat” on the Big Island.  While doing some really deep “shadow” work, we also enjoyed the beautiful island landscape, long swims and the amazing energy on that side of the earth.

While the volcano was erupting big time, we were surrounded by the peace and beauty of the beautiful island and the quiet elegance of 30 Japanese women that attended the event.  

This experience reminded me that I am always stable, and I can access that inner stability anytime, regardless of the fast-paced life swirling around me. And it’s true for you, too: At your core, you are not moving. The movement happens outside of you, and your internal calm can always be accessed.

I attended this retreat with my good friend and amazing marketing mentor Rebecca Massoud We had an incredible time together sharing stories, swimming with turtles and watching the Royal Wedding happening that weekend. 

But the best part was the last day when we visited a “lava cave” near our resort.  They had explained to us that you can see your “aura” reflected in a picture when standing at a certain point of the cave under natural sky light.  We went and here is what we discovered.  Our auras are white, blue and purple, shooting from our arms, heads and center bodies; what an astonishing visual.

I hope these photos inspire you to hold hands with your darkness and Step Into Your Light. Because I believe the “volcanoes” of life (which often show up as addictions to food, drinking, screen time or overdoing) will always be there, reminding you to stay alert & present when they are erupting and move with care so you don’t get burned by the lava.

To support you in your healthy, happy journey, I invite you to join me for my “Step Into Your Light” 12-week class, where you will have the opportunity to let go of unhealthy habits that no longer serve you and embrace the real YOU–the stable, calm presence within. Get details and sign up here.


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