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Let’s Get Clean: 21-Day Cleanse Starts Monday!


I have been facilitating Volar’s 21-Day Cleanse for one year now, and I’m proud to say the results my clients have been experiencing have exceeded my expectations!

Some of them include: lower cholesterol and blood pressure, fat loss that’s been maintained for at least one year, reduced inflammation, increased energy and focus, to name a few.

The 21-Day Cleanse starts Monday, October 1, 2018.

We’ll kick it off with a group Zoom call this Friday, September 28, at 3pm.  (The call will be recorded and sent to you if you can’t join us live.)  

The 21-Day Cleanse is not a fast track to weight loss. Rather, it’s a “reset” to your body, through cleansing your digestive system and a sustainable approach to adopting healthier eating habits that last you a lifetime!

The 21-Day Cleanse includes: 

* Prepping your pantry for the cleanse 

* Daily support via responsible texting 

* Unlimited email support

* An after-cleanse party 

* Q&A during our group call

Some more benefits you can experience during the 21-Day Cleanse:

* Become aware of any unconscious habits that no longer serve you

* Make better food choices that fit your lifestyle

* Feel leaner, lighter and stronger

* Reduce or eliminate inflammation

* Achieve fat loss

* Create a new healthier and more conscious lifestyle

* People will say that you are glowing and that is the leanest you’ve ever looked!

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