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How do you manage stress?


This is always by far the hardest subject I write about.  How can I advise about a topic I struggle with day in and day out?  Although I have to admit I have become so much better at it during the last few years by “training my mind,” following a daily routine and connecting deeper with the part of myself that truly matters the most.

In addition, I believe that when I trust in God and the Universe and learn to “go with the flow” of things as opposed to forcing them, all works out in the end exactly the way it is supposed to be.
Some of us, like myself, juggle relationships, friends, colleagues, work and even children every day!  Now add to that the diverse mix of stimulation that comes to us through our phones, computers, media, etc.  It’s the perfect concoction of stress!
So what do we do?  First off, I believe exercise is the best antidote.  Exercise increases endorphins, the “feel good hormone.”  That’s why after exercise we feel this “high” or being “in the zone.”  The high lasts for a few minutes and sometimes hours, but the benefits of increased endorphins may last for days.
Apart from increasing endorphins, exercise makes us look better and looking better is a big component of a healthy self-esteem, which is crucial as a stress reducer.  Feeling better about ourselves will make us feel more in tune with our “higher consciousness” and is a long-lasting way to achieve calmness in life. 

Here are the best ways to reduce stress through exercise:

  • Listen to your body: if your body is asking to rest don’t overdo it; your health is the most important asset you have so don’t sacrifice it for trying to make it to that finish line.

  • Get up and walk: basic physical movement is a simple way to reduce stress.

  • Try something new: massage, yoga, acupuncture, Reiki, breathing techniques, meditation, praying.

  • Yoga and sleeping: there are several yoga poses that can be done in your home that will help you relax and breathe more easily. Try getting to sleep by 10 p.m. for a good nights sleep.

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