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The First Rule for Life


One of the questions I always ask my clients when they start to work with me is: What are your goals? Most of the time “good posture” is included on the list.

Better posture comes naturally after a few strength training sessions. Better posture becomes the norm instead of requiring conscious effort. By strengthening the muscles of the upper back, chest, and core, your body will lift up resulting in naturally taller, better posture.

There is a great TEDTalk by Amy Cuddy that describes how we can change our disposition and how our body feels, simply by changing the way we are positioning ourselves. As we well know, and have experienced, it also goes the other way around; feeling depressed or sad will put our body in a crunched, if not defeated, position.

Jordan Peterson, a clinical psychologist with extensive experience working with thousands of patients, has put this goal at the top of his new book: “12 Rules for Life”. His first rule talks about how maintaining good posture helps with all our different activities, experiences and also the responses we receive from others in our life.

Needless to say, one of the highest reported benefits from clients when working with me, is that their confidence has improved and so has their posture. Standing straighter will convey a more “powerful” you and will position you in a place of authority. For those looking for a partner, it can make the potential partner feel more attracted to you when you show your body in a stronger, more open pose.

Overall, good posture is going to help you to feel better about yourself and make others feel better about you. It will also help you get the new job or the new promotion, and increase the amount of clients you have if you are an entrepreneur. On a personal level, it will make you more attractive to your partner or to potential partners if you are single.

Try it out for yourself: I train clients privately online, as well as facilitating seven (7) group classes during the week. The latest addition will begin July 10th at 7:15 a.m.

If you can no longer tolerate being passed over for the new job, the promotion, the new business clients, or the partner of your dreams, email me for more information or to sign-up.

These workouts are for people that can commit to 45 minutes of exercise weekly and are willing to work intensely under very safe conditions.

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