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RJ dropped a dress size – here’s how

Rachael Jayne Groover had struggled to keep up the commitment of going to the gym with her busy schedule inspiring women, all around the world, to step into becoming feminine leaders:  “I exercise most every day, walk and all of that, but I would give up my resistance training when I was on the road.  Just feeling like, oh, I don’t have time and all of those excuses”, she shares.

We started working out once a week for 45 minutes, “…and because of her mastery of knowing how to do resistance training, I have gotten so much better results from the 45 minutes with her than the three hours that I was doing going to the gym” she continues.
Below is her video:

“She pushes me.  But she’s so loving, funny and caring. If you are wanting to drop a dress size, which is what I was doing and easily did, and to get really toned, I’ve not ever felt this toned in my life, and you want to feel amazing, no matter what shape, size you are, Ana is your girl.  And you can do it from your house”.

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