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Silence, laughs and what you are missing the most

What are you missing the most these days?

Walking barefoot on the beach and my massage, those are the two things for me.

This past Saturday was a perfect beach day and my monthly massage was scheduled for that day.  I was so sad because I was unable to enjoy these two activities so I decided to do other creative things to feel better.  One of them was to remove myself from all technology and be as silent as possible for 24 hours so I could “reset” after a full week in front of the computer.

Another one of the ways that helps me stay relaxed is to enjoy all of the humor and creative ways that people and trainers have developed to stay committed to their fitness goals.  Enjoy a few examples below along with my video:

Trainer in Spain
As shown on Trevor Noah’s Social Distancing Show
Rooftop Trainer in Spain

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