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What do you need right now?

During the last couple of weeks I have been questioning and searching for guidance to this question: What is it that my clients and the people I work closely with need right now?

The answer has come in the way of:  What are the things that I am already doing for myself and what is working?

This is a special time in our lives, probably the most powerful and transformational time we will ever live. The habits and practices we create now will last for the rest of our lives.  

If you are determined to make health and wellness one of your priorities right now, I want to support you through a program that will do just that during the month of April. 

You will:

Practice daily movement so that you cannot only get in the best shape of your life but also create the habits of daily movement necessary to keep your body strong, weight under control and experience increased levels of energy, stamina and endurance.

Eat healthy, plan your meals and eliminate the foods that will make you feel tired, heavy, sluggish and that will produce unwanted inflammation.

Experience and deepen your meditation to stay focused, relax and improve your self-control and mastery when needed.

Connect with a group of like-minded individuals so that you can thrive in your outcome of supreme health, avoiding the influence of negative thoughts and feelings.

Go outdoors when possible and share your experiences with the group so that everyone can stay motivated and entice each other to do the same.

Relax in the knowing that you are doing the most important thing right now, which is taking care of yourself so that you can thrive in our “new world” and help others do the same.

Most important:  your skinny jeans will not only fit you after this month is over but you will need to get new ones! 🙂


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