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Two simple ways to stretch and relax during this month

April is always an ideal time to start preparing your body for the summer months.

Even more than ever this year, you have the choice to turn our current world situation into an opportunity and start the summer in the best shape you have ever been.

Our Pilates classes will help you to:

  • awaken the deep, stabilizing muscles of your core

  • work your whole body to develop long, lean muscles and functional strength 

  • stand taller

  • be strong and agile in your active lifestyle

  • prevent and overcome injuries

  • achieve muscular balance so your body operates at its best – inside and out

Our Yoga classes will help you to:

  • relax and be mindful

  • connect deeper within yourself

  • vibrate positive energy into your soul 

  • be the energy you need to change the world

  • shift and transmute stagnant, dull energy

Do you have a little bit more time this month?

During April, you and your family members can join our weekly classes anytime.

To sign up for any of our weekly classes, click here:

For more information, click here:

We want to help you stay strong, active, flexible and relaxed.

See you soon on Zoom!

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