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Self-care plan in the times of Corona and beyond

How are you doing?

My heart goes out for everyone suffering. We still are not able to imagine all the implications this situation will bring and what kind of world we will be creating and will come out to.

I thought I’d share some ideas for a Self-care plan.  Take and put into practice whatever serves you:

Meditation: Sit and be with yourself, that is the only thing you need to do for a simple meditation. Breathe, focus on all your senses, one at a time, focus on your breathing and rest in the peace of your own self. Start with 3 minutes, that is all you need at first to connect with yourself.

Movement: Stretch often (morning, midday and night), go for a brisk walk if you can or just walk around the house if outdoors is not available to you, strengthen your body with squats and push-ups, those two simple movements work every single muscle of your body. Dance!

Eating: Plan your meals, more than ever and set up times for each of them in your calendar. Avoid unnecessary trips to the kitchen to skip snacking during the day.

Drinking: Drink lots of water, warm liquids and infuse them with citrus for extra Vit. C.

Connection with others: Check in with your family, friends and loved ones on a regular basis. Try to be positive and offer support during each interaction. 

Rest from news/Social Media and turn technology off: My rule is to not look at my phone, computer, or TV until an hour after I get up and an hour before going to be.

Outdoors: Go outside and breathe in the open air, walk to a park nearby if you can. Relaxation: Take Epson salt baths, it will relax you and will help with your digestion. They also say that the salt absorbs negative energy or vibrations.

Most important: Try on a pair of jeans weekly and make sure they still fit 😬

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