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Mindful Online Movement- Pilates and Yoga for flexibility and stillness

Wishing that all is well with you, your family and friends during this sci-fi movie we are all living these days.

Due to the highlighted importance of movement now while spending more time at home, it is my pleasure to give you the option to experience the benefits of two techniques that will help you keep moving and stay strong while spending more time indoors.

We have teamed up with two friends and business colleagues that are really experienced in their practices of Pilates and Yoga respectively.

We are planning to facilitate weekly Pilates and Yoga classes moving forward during the spring and into the summer.

We will also give the option to expand your learning further with private Pilates and Yoga sessions if you wish. See bios below introducing our new two instructors and Cassie’s video above:

PILATES: Cassie Nevitt is a classically trained Pilates instructor with 13 years of experience teaching private lessons and group classes. She was certified in 2007 in the rigorous training program developed by Joseph Pilates’ renowned protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. She completed her apprenticeship and certification at True Pilates New York (formerly Drago’s) under the direction of Romana’s daughter, Sari Mejia-Santo, and has extensive experience learning from world-class instructors across the U.S. and around the world.

Pilates awakens the deep, stabilizing muscles of your core and works the whole body to develop long, lean muscles and functional strength. Pilates helps you stand taller, be strong and agile in your active lifestyle, prevent and overcome injuries, and achieve muscular balance so your body operates at its best – inside and out.


Valerie.Sorrentino Headshot.jpg

HATHA YOGA:  Valerie Sorrentino – Hatha Yoga 1995- present [2020] and Life Energy Coach., teaches personal development and transformation through yoga, space clearing, and meditation.  Her specialty is helping others find peace and awareness in their everyday lives utilizing healing arts and mind, body, home alignment. Valerie is a certified yoga teacher; yoga therapist and positive psychology practitioner, author, speaker and on-line mentor, helping people all over the world, create a positive place to grow.

She knows that when motivation is low and self-doubt is high, a new practice can improve your life:  Self-Love – Learning self-love can help you vibrate positive energy into your soul and connect you closer to your goals. The power of self-love is so magnificent, that it can be the energy you need to change the world.  Join us as we discuss self-love, positive energy and changing the world together.  Movement and stillness are essential pieces to shifting and transmuting stagnant, dull energy.


If you’d like to experience Pilates or Yoga sessions privately or if you would like more information on group classes, please click HERE.

When you sign up for Pilates or Yoga classes, you will receive a very special bonus If you sign up before Tuesday, March 31st:

A recording of one of my Mindful Online Workouts class, that you can follow and practice from the convenience of your home.

Keep moving, take deep breaths, eat healthy and sleep well.

It is more important now than ever so that you can be mindful and keep your immune system strong.

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