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In Only 3 Months, Amy Lost A Few Kilograms

My client Amy from Melbourne, Australia has been training with me for the past three months, once a week for 45 minutes with my online group training classes.

It has had a huge and positive impact in her life. Before knowing about our workouts, she was pretty skeptical that only 45 minutes of workout a week would have much of an impact. Amy was also pretty skeptical that online training would work.

Since participating in my online workout classes she has lost a few kilograms. Her body is getting leaner. But even more than that, she feels really strong in her body. She is an artist and works at her studio a lot, so her physical body and how she can use it to make her art, is a real huge consideration for her.

She knows that this program works for her because she has lazy tendencies. She is not a gym person and has no desire to commute to workout nor does she want to do a program that is six days a week for 40 minutes a day. She has done a program like that in the past, which was so time consuming, and she doesn’t want to do high impact workout because it can be hard and brutal on the body.

“Ana just makes this easier,” she says. “This morning for instance, I had a workout. I rolled out of bed, I just put some clothes on, didn’t wash my face, didn’t wash my hair, I didn’t have to go anywhere, just to the lounge room. Poor Ana had to look at me like that but that’s okay!

She’s so professional and knowledgeable and has such a high level of care for her clients. She’s talking through every step, watching us, adjusting us, setting the pace, making sure we’re okay, checking in, and the 45 minutes just goes like that and I feel amazing afterwards and really feel good the whole week”.

“It’s also really good because Ana has a good sense of humor so she sprinkles in a little bit of humor in between push-ups, which is very much appreciated. You need humor in a workout.

One thing that I didn’t really expect was a connection with the group. We’re online so we don’t see each other except for Ana, but I know that somewhere on the other side of the world, in America maybe, someone is doing the same push-up that I’m doing in my lounge room here in Melbourne, which is a really nice thought.

I can’t highly recommend Ana enough. This workout and this training, working with her has really changed my life and that’s no small feat. I feel really committed to doing this and it’s just become a habit, a very easy habit. It makes me feel so good inside and out and has had a ripple effect because I really want to make sure I take care of my body in other ways inside and out.”

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