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Waffle, cookie, or pretzel?

“Waffle, cookie or pretzel?”

This is what the flight attendant was asking each and everyone on my flight back from Denver from a business trip last month.

How about: “apple, banana or kale?”

Yes, traveling is always scary and even more these days with all unfortunate things happening around the world with the spread of the nasty Corona virus.

Apart from all this which will be a much longer conversation, last month I had a hands-on experience with what some clients had reported as a big problem when they travel often.

I had to travel to New York for Presidents’ Day weekend to take care of a personal matter and to Denver the following one for a business training.

Although I had taken my “prevention cold treatment” with me and I was rigorously taking it during the first trip, I felt sick for a couple of days after my return.

I’ll tell you, I have not been really sick in years and thank God it didn’t last long, just a couple of days. I believe my immune system is strong enough to fight bugs pretty fast. But the repercussions of feeling unhealthy, having to change plans and cancel clients (which always makes me feel really guilty 🙂, happened while I was recovering and restoring to get healthy for my following trip after just 3 days after returning from the first one.

In all honesty, what I think did it was the not-so-healthy food I had a couple of times. “My body is a temple” and I always do my best to avoid sugar, gluten, dairy, and alcohol as I know they affect me negatively. When I eat these foods, I feel how my immune system gets depleted and the smallest virus can then attack me.

Traveling is not set up to eat healthy. Airports, traveling on highways, and just being away from home, can cause you to make different food choices than you would otherwise, instead of the healthy ones as they are not so available. Add to that the jet lags, red-eyed effects and different mattresses and pillows than what you are used to and you get the perfect combo to fall sick.

And not to mention the stress that traveling can also bring while packing, at airports, and so on.

One last note is the fact that you spend more time sitting down and sometimes they are not the most comfortable chairs and spaces.

So, what can we do with all this?

Here are a few tips I got reminded of the hard way during my travels last month and that I am glad to share with you:

  • My goal is always to rest enough before and after a trip. Schedule enough time for self-care and for yourself

  • You can meditate on your ride to the airport, at the airport or in the plane (a recommendation is to buy a noise-canceling headset and bring a good book)

  • Bring enough snacks so that you have the healthiest choices in time of need

  • Take with you some “prevention” supplements. My favorites are colloidal silver with oregano and elderberry

  • Wash your hands often and try not to touch your eyes or mouth, avoid your face in general

  • Stretch often and walk or stand when possible

I hope this helps.

Enjoy your travels and take care of yourself.

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