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How are your “New Year Resolutions” coming along? Are you being dishonorable?

Lately I have been thinking about the word “dishonorable’ and how we can present ourselves as that when we don’t fulfill the outcomes we have set up for ourselves or even for others.

How are you being dishonorable?

How is that affecting your life negatively?

Check out within yourself if being dishonorable makes you feel guilty or shameful.

After studying for quite some time for my international health and wellness coaching exam, one of the things that stayed with me, apart from how much exercise is recommended per week and other numbers, 🙂 is the fact that, as a coach, we consider clients to be totally capable and in charge of their outcomes.

We can facilitate a process where you can discover what your needs are and help you start the steps to create the life you want and always under the belief that you are totally able to do it. Having a coach as an accountability partner doesn’t mean that if you fall off of your outcomes, the coach will come after you to give you a guilt trip.

So let’s turn this around:

How can being dishonorable be positive?

Perhaps it helps you set up boundaries with people and experience the things in life you truly prefer. Even more, it doesn’t mean that you need to feel guilty or shameful that you did not achieve the goal. Perhaps you change your mind about the importance of it, perhaps it is not really what you wanted and that is all fine. No one but yourself has the power to change your life and yes, help is needed at times but the freedom that having the power and the choice brings is exhilarating.

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