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Real love takes action – are you ready for a challenge?

Last month I had a great idea: I asked my love to create a “love-challenge” for us. This challenge consisted of an unusual, daily “show of affection” we offered each other for a couple of weeks. In all honesty, I suggested a month and he wanted to commit to a week. So we negotiated in the middle: two weeks until February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Yes I know, this should be a must-do for most conscious and happy couples, a daily habit that for us had gotten a bit lost in the cracks. I thought that it’d be a good idea to revitalized that aspect of our relationship.

Guess what, it worked!

Now this month, it got me thinking: what about creating a self- love challenge for myself? What if I planned something pleasurable and self-caring for myself everyday for a couple of weeks. Because I will be traveling a lot, I am aware that during those times, self-care can take a back seat in my priorities.

Would you like to join me?

I started with a yoga class yesterday. This evening, I will be enjoying quality time with a few girlfriends where we will share healthy food potluck style and meditate together.

Here are some ideas for you: visit the dentist for a teeth cleaning, another doctor or holistic practitioner for something you’ve wanted to check on or do for a while, take a trip, enjoy an Epson salt bath, let go of some baggage, etc.

For extra points:

If you’d like to receive our “Back to Basics” webinar recording from last month, please send an email here.

While listening to this recording you will:

  • Visualize and create a plan for the year that works for you and that you can commit to moving forward for the rest of your life

  • Open your mind and body to empower yourself to change your body shape by mindful movement and healthy nutrition

  • Light yourself up and awaken your deepest desires

  • Act consciously by practicing mindful tools and practices to support your goals during the year and come back to them in times of need

  • Rebuild your confidence with the tools and practices to stay focused and committed to the creation and maintenance of your new healthy habits

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