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Self-care is not a Luxury

Last week I attended a “Health and Wellness” event where one of the panelists was asked what she thought was the biggest misconception in the industry and she stated: “The fact that people think that self-care is a luxury”. I know this might sound too simple but to me, at that moment, it felt really profound.

How many times do we think of self-care as a luxury and avoid expending time and investment into exercises, classes or trainers, healthy nutritious food, relaxing massages, and therapists that help us heal our body? How often do you find yourself tired and drained from all of the things you are doing in your life? How much do you think this is costing you in the long run?

Self-care is not a luxury. Health and well-being are your most important asset and the risk to lose it and become ill will jeopardize all of the other goals that you are making a priority in your life right now.

Take a piece of paper and write down one thing you can do this week that will help you get out of the mindset that taking care of yourself is a luxury. Please send me feedback to let me know how it feels to actually do it.

Even better, enjoy this video. I share a little piece of heaven on earth that will help you relax. Breathe deep, it will only take a minute.

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