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Mind Over Matter

Dear Friends,

I have been ruminating for a few days on this answer that a friend gave me after I told him that movement to me is more for the mind than for the body:
“En mi investigación empirica vengo concluyendo que la mente tambien anda operando por el cuerpo y no nada mas en el craneo” (“In my empirical research I have come to conclude that the mind operates by the body and not just by the brain”.)
Since then, I have been thinking: how much of our mind “lives'” in our body? The book “The Body Keeps the Score” has been a great resource for me during the last several years. In his book, Bessel Van Der Kolk, “uses recent scientific advances to show how trauma literally reshapes both body and brain.”
I often remind my clients while training them to connect with their muscles during each exercise so they can experience better results by activating the neuromuscular connections and pathways. How many times have we heard the line: “it’s all in the mind”? I’ve learned that it is not the same to be in your body as it is to be IN your body. If we believe that the mind is also in the body, how much stronger will we feel, while creating new healthy habits or simply while exercising?
Here is a little challenge: the next time you exercise, go “inside your body.” That is, mentally try to connect with the muscles you are working on. In each of your exercises, try to feel them contracting even more than you need for the resistance against them. In my experience, we are stronger than we believe, but our minds try to convince us of the opposite. Feel the mind inside your body and let it help you be the strongest YOU that you can be.

Much Love,


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