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Mindful online gym teacher

Valerie Sorrentino

Hatha Yoga 1995-present and Life Energy Coach.  teaches personal development and transformation through yoga, space clearing, and meditation. Her specialty is helping others find peace and awareness in their everyday lives utilizing healing arts and mind, body, home alignment. Valerie is a certified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, positive psychology practitioner, author, speaker and online mentor, helping people all over the world create a positive place to grow.


She knows that when motivation is low and self-doubt is high, a new practice can improve your life:  Self Love – Learning self-love can help you vibrate positive energy into your soul and connect you closer to your goals. The power of self-love is so magnificent, that it can be the energy you need to change the world.  Join us as we discuss self-love, positive energy and changing the world together.  Movement and stillness are essential pieces to shifting and transmuting stagnant, dull energy.

Movement Yoga with Valerie