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Are you flourishing or languishing?

For a little while now I have had the intention to write a blog about the effects that the post-pandemic has had on people.

There has been a sense when listening to clients, friends, and business colleagues that, although they are excited about the restrictive measures from the pandemic being lifted, there is also a disconnection between what the priorities, focus, or even purpose are in people’s lives, and their goals and next steps are being questioned.

As I reached out for The San Diego Union-Tribune paper this past Sunday, one of the first articles I saw expressed my sentiment exactly. The article is titled: “How to flourish in six easy steps.”

Here are the 6 steps:

  1. Assess yourself.
  2. Savor small things.
  3. Have “Sunday dinner gratitude.”
  4. Do five good deeds.
  5. Prioritize community and connection.
  6. Find purpose in everyday routines.

If you realized you have been languishing and you are ready to flourish, what is your first step?

You are invited to our next workout (for new clients only) where you can take your first step on number 2 — “savoring small things” — as a workout or number 6 — “finding purpose in everyday routines.”

Exercising and taking care of yourself is healing and empowering and can have a real impact and purpose in itself.

Join us here:

Come on, no more languishing, join us and start flourishing!

We will be practicing our Olympics workout together! Just like those amazing athletes, we would love to help you get in the best shape of your life!

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