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Health and Wellness
4 Brain changing benefits of exercise

Exploring the benefits of exercise on our brains and how it improves our health, focus, and overall longevity.

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Video: The Mind Body Business Show Interview

The MIND BODY BUSINESS Show is a LIVE show for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs, where we interview successful Guest Experts on a wide variety of topics

Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost

Where do you find joy? Whenever I submit a survey to my current clients about classes they’d like to see, dance always comes up.

Finding Pleasure

Conversation with Alana Fournet My conversation with Alana Fournet, author of Radiant Powerful You during her Radiate challenge,

Healthy Lifestyle
What is your fitness story?

When I first started practicing the method of training I teach (more than 20 years ago now!), I was training 30 minutes once a week.