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Transformative Story Cards

Bull & Ballerina Cards

Designed to help you become aware of the negative
habits and events occurring in your life.

What unhealthy habit or addiction are you trying to break free from?

These cards are designed to help you become aware of the negative habits and events occurring in your life. Embrace the story of The Bull and The Ballerina and use these cards as a motivating tool to assist you through your own transformation.

Are you ready to tell your story of struggle or addiction? Ready to face your shadow side and make some changes?

What clear intention do you want to set for yourself?

This transformative set includes 25 Cards that tell the story of struggle and addiction told through beautifully illustrated images created by artist Jose Iturriaga and expressed through powerful words.


The Ballerina represents the Light, or our conscious selves while The Bull represents the Dark, or the shadow side that challenges us at every turn. These cards are a valuable tool for when you are experiencing a deep disconnect between your actions and the values you hold true.

Story Cards


The Bull & Ballerina Transformative Cards includes an instructional booklet, 25 illustrated cards with supportive copy, exercises and inspirational words of wisdom, all beautifully packaged in a blue mesh fabric bag.

Includes shipping and tax within the Continental USA (Hawaii & Puerto Rico excluded)

Additional $10 added to total for International shipping and for Hawaii and Puerto Rico.

Ana would like to acknowledge and send a very special thank you to her friends and business colleagues who collaborated with her in creating the dance theater show that led to the birthing of these very special cards, including: Rebecca Bell Massoud, John Brener, Olga Singer, Virgina Aherin, Anna Krasheninnikova, Yuri Medvedev, Betsy Bernstein and Eileen Mendel.