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Dance, Dance, Otherwise We Are Lost

Where do you find joy?

Whenever I submit a survey to my current clients about classes they’d like to see, dance always comes up.

Whenever the question “what do you like to do for fun?” shows up, the answer “dancing” comes up.

Whenever the conversation is about things we miss doing, dancing also gets a mention.

So, why is it so hard sometimes for some of us to come back to dancing after a break?

I have been pondering that question myself as it has also been on my list and I had not acted on it until last week.

What about you?

Is it that you are shy to dance in front of others?

Does the thought of spending time on yourself sound selfish?

Are you afraid you might be taking time from other more “important” things you could be doing?

Or just simply, you don’t have time?

After only an hour of dancing last week, I felt the free, exhilarating feeling of moving my body to the music. The relaxing experience of being away from worry and entering the world of creativity through movement. And yes, the heart was pumping from the cardio workout, the muscles felt awake and shaken.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed and anxious.

If you have not been able to master unhealthy habits and addictions.

If you have been feeling stuck and not able to create from your heart and soul.

If the “COVID roll” or “COVID butt” (extra fat around your body) has gotten you and sparked your need to shake things up.

Join us for a dance class!

See you on the dance floor!

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