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If you open this, you’ll need a commitment.

I was thinking about creating a meditation challenge, but technology got in the way.

So I thought it would be best instead to share my experience and see if you’d like to enjoy our message for a little while.

By the time you receive this newsletter, I will be on my way to Los Angeles for a day trip from San Diego, where I live, to see the Dodgers play against the Giants.

I share this because large cities are always a tough place to be “in peace,” and this is the message I am sending you today.

As scary as it is, or it can be to think about, meditation and how to achieve that still, peaceful stage to me is simply just a connection to God.

Does that word scare you too? God? Replace it with one that works for you and move forward.

The key is to have reverence, to believe that there is something profound inside and outside of you that is much more sacred and spiritually-based than yourself, and then you are set. Not just to believe it, but to be it, to become it.

What is so hard about that?


And that you feel like you are doing whatever you are supposed to be doing, your purpose whether it is taking care of your child, writing a bestseller, or speaking around the world. It is all good as long as you are happy along the way.

This is a series of meditation practices sent to you weekly that you can practice every day.

Save the time, pick 15 minutes a day whenever it works for you, listen, and relax into it.

Here is the first one:

Mindful Online Gym Meditation Practice with Cassie Nevitt

Cassie has been helping her clients feel centered, strong, and vibrant in their minds and bodies for the last 14 years. As a classically trained Pilates instructor and certified Art of Feminine Presence© teacher, she combines a deep understanding of physical strength and vitality with proven physical and energetic practices to ignite her clients’ sense of unshakeability, certainty, clarity, groundedness, and magnetic personal presence. More details can be found at

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