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Mindful online gym teacher

Jan Tucker

Jan Tucker is a Spring Forest-certified Qigong healer/trainer, Level 5 (out of 5) Qigong practitioner, Level 2 Reiki practitioner, yogi, author, and yes—MBA.


Jan studies Qigong with International Qigong Grandmaster Chunyi Lin, founder of Spring Forest Qigong. She began her studies to strengthen her immune system and prevent recurring bouts of bronchitis, asthma, allergies, eczema, digestive issues, and depression. As a result of experiencing the power and holistic health benefits of Qigong in her own life, she now offers these benefits to others through these classes and through individual Qigong healing sessions.


Jan is currently writing a book to help COVID-19 sufferers (including those with post-COVID syndrome also known as long COVID, and long-hauler syndrome) use Qigong to recover from the effects of this virus. She also teaches a Level 1 Qigong class to help students learn how to heal themselves and others using Qigong healing techniques.

Movement Qigong with Jan