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Peace, performance and power

There is a place in Mexico I always love to go where the view of the ocean is one of the widest, deepest, and most spacious I have ever seen.

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When looking at the ocean from this perspective, you can admire both the peacefulness and calmness of the deep ocean and its most powerful and strong side when the waves crash onto the beach.

Tensions are running high and people are forgetting to practice self-care but, even more, it is also not beneficial for the body to stay in a high level of stress and anxiety for long periods of time or exercise while in this state.

Also, the benefits your body yields while training under stress are much less significant than the ones you could achieve when performing from a calm and relaxed state. Worst even, exercising under stress can result in an injury.

Let’s be like the ocean: deep peace within and powerful in your physical body. Even when you are training, try to relax and calm the mind, and come from a place of power so your performance can be not only the best, but also one that will bring the best results.

Our Mindful Online Workouts and Movement Classes are designed to help you connect deep within your body, not only at a physical level but also at an emotional and spiritual one.

Some of our classes end with a brief meditation and our goal is to help you move, breathe and relax into your body so you can find the power and strength that will take you to your highest performance.

If you are not a client yet and would like more information, please email me.

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