Putting the fun back in exercise

Gentle Quantum has been born!
If you love the theme of….gentleness, kindness, lightness, ease, and flow, please read on.
I’m inviting you to a “gentle challenge” during 21 days where you will: 

  • Reduce your body pain

  • Feel better about the way you look

  • Increase your fun desire to exercise so you don’t need to get yourself motivated all the time

  • Start losing weight again if you’ve hit a plateau

  • Get in the best shape of your life through a mindful, guided process

Our Gentle Quantum Program includes daily meditation, fundamentals of our Mindful Online Workouts, Pilates, yoga, dance, and Qigong, a self-massage class and a stretch class. It starts March 22nd with a preparation call on March 15th and a closing ceremony on April 12th.

There is a very special price for this first time offer of only $747, value of $1,325.

Space is limited!

Your next step…

Schedule a FREE “Get in shape” session today here.

During that session we will:
• assess the main struggle you are dealing with
• explore at least one gentle exercise to do on your own
• determine if Gentle Quantum is a good fit for you

Believe me…it is possible for you to lose weight and feel great doing this — the gentle way.

Just sign up for your FREE session today.

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