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Lots of love

While traveling in Spain (my country of origin) this month, the month of love, 😍 I started to think about the similarities of loving someone and loving myself and how it has changed over the years.

Here, in Spain, is where my first love developed and the memory of it is one of shyness, mystery and discovery.

Just like in my relationship with others, it took me a minute to understand what my body really needed in order to feel the radiant health that I experienced in later years.

At first there was shyness, mystery and discovery.

  • Shyness to fully express and experience what I needed to do in order to feel radiant health

  • Mystery of some of the techniques that were strange to me but that I had to explore

  • Discovery of the methods that really worked for me such as strength-training, proper healthy nutrition, meditation, and massage

There is a process I had to go through in order to get to where I feel is the best place I’ve been in my life, in relationship with my health, myself and others.  Here are some of the steps of that process:

  • Opening up to experience some of the methods and techniques that yield the best results

  • Trusting that my investigation and intuition were taking me in the right direction

  • Developing a plan and daily habits that transform my life for the best

And yes, my love these days is open, it trusts and has developed into the depth, grounding and strength I have never experienced before, just like my body. 😊

Contact me if you are curious about some of these steps; schedule a complimentary strategy session.

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