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Here is a compilation of some of our clients’ feedback while training with us:

What clients say about our Mindful Online Workouts:

“Ana’s instructions are the best.  Her timing is impeccable.  She always notices when you need a correction and all her instructions make it very easy to understand the moves and the purpose of the exercises.  Ana designed a whole entire program for me and I realized that throughout the week, I had exercised every muscle group in my body, including ones I didn’t even know were there!  I have lost 5 inches overall and I’m hoping for more.  I feel stronger and more confident and I can see improvement from the classes I’ve taken.  Ana focuses on a specific set of exercises each week, making it possible to build on your strength and performance as the week progresses. She is a very supportive, thorough, and knowledgeable instructor.  Ana and her network of wise women have been a blessing to me.”

“Elena is an excellent instructor.  I always hear her words echoing in my head, “using your breathing”.  Instructions like that are very helpful, and I like the way Elena gives attention to our posture and correct form in the exercises.  Her class is very challenging.  Most of all, her encouragement and positivity are very much appreciated!”

What clients say about our Pilates classes: (They always end with a brief meditation)

“The workout was helpful and effective.  Not to mention ambitious.  The meditation and the quote from Rumi were very good.  The idea of “inviting in” negative and dark thoughts is something I hadn’t explored.  It is something that was personally applicable and new to me.  I was able to be present and experience directly; not something I had to necessarily wait to experience.

As far as the Pilates aspect, the spine stretch was fantastic.  Things that were locked into my muscles were able to be released.  Today my lower back feels better than it has in a long time.  It was very valuable.  Thank you so much.”

What clients say about our Yoga classes:  (They always end with a brief meditation)

“I like the way Valerie challenges us with her twisty moves.  I got a great stretch in the other class and the sense of relaxation I attained stayed for the remainder of the day.”

What clients say in general:

“A workout… I am always amazed at how you get so many muscle groups involved with each movement.  I like the idea of encouraging body awareness or mindful movement.  It’s so much more effective than just “getting it done”.  Especially those abs!”

Gyms are closed again in some parts of the world like here in California but we are still offering free online classes this month.

To sign-up for a free class, click here.

If you are not a client yet and would like more information, please contact me for a complimentary strategy session here.

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