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Mindful movement gives you the answers to your questions

Jane didn’t know exactly what to expect when she attended our first “Summer of Dance, Intro to our Mindful Movement Workshop”:

“I thought it might just be more of a social occasion, where we ladies did little moves and built on each others’ choreography.  What it really was was a deep, serious look at oneself using tools like spontaneous journaling and then expression through dance. 

Little did I know how much it would reveal.  Compared to the other ladies’ journals, mine seemed very basic.  When I started to dance it out, I felt as if the heavens were listening and answering my questions.  It was totally unexpected to receive the response I did. 

The environment created by Cassie and Ana was very open and non-judgmental, which is so important when you’re doing such personal work. 

I look forward to seeing what new insights and healing will occur in future classes. 

Thank you Cassie and Ana for an intimate experience. 
Your strength and leadership is valued. 

This experience filled me with joy and gave me confidence in myself.❤️”

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