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Go deep within so you can come out stronger

Dancing and movement has always been an invigorating part of my life.  Even as a little kid it was my escape, happy place and playground.  What started as a Drs. recommendation and a practice to help with scoliosis and low back pain, resulted into a natural hobby that lasted into my teenage years and adulthood.

I remember as a teenager creating different choreographies with my peers in high school that we performed at the end of the year.  We used to get together on our breaks after lunch, bring our stereo cassette and move, dance and create the most interesting and sophisticated works to Madonna, Michael Jackson, and some Spanish singers like my favorite group during those years, Hombres G.

My passion for dance kept growing although was put aside in a drawer for awhile until my mid- 30’s when I joined a dance theater group in the Hamptons, NY.  For the very first time in my life, I created, produced and performed professionally.  My biggest achievement was playing the lead role in an Off-Broadway production.

Mindful expression of movement is medicine.

Moving your body clears the unwanted energy from thoughts, feelings and emotions.

The way we will be facilitating our Mindful Movement Workshops will help you get out of your mind and into your body, heart and soul.

We are living in interesting times where a lot of us have had plenty of time to reassess our lives and acknowledge where we need change and improvements.

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