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The Wheels of Life and Wellness

It has been such a great experience to lead a really dynamic group of clients and trainers during the last 3 weeks of our Quantum Program.

Our preparation call looking at our “Wheels” in different aspects of life and health was really helpful. This mental exercise is perfect for anyone looking to assess their health and wellness and their life in general. Right now is a perfect time to do that if you are not already doing so.

You can start this process by yourself by looking at a quick review of all health and wellness aspects in your life, paying special attention to movement, eating and wellness. 

Create 4 Wheels: Life, Physical and Nutritional Satisfaction, and a Wellness Inventory.  Give each of the categories a rating: 1 being the “least satisfactory” to 10 being the “most satisfactory”.  See which ones are low in points and work on giving them some attention.

The results and changes everyone has shared are amazing.  Here is what they say:

“I am happy looking at myself in the mirror, seeing more muscle definition and feeling more in-tune with my body”.
“Intimacy with my husband and sex life has improved”.
“My allergy-type symptoms are gone”.
“My overall quality of life and moods have improved”.
“My emotional triggers and connection with food is better, it has changed with awareness”.
“I can now hold a handstand for a minute (previously was only 10 seconds)”.
“I have been able to replace my biggest temptation which is bread”.
“I am not choosing packaged food items anymore”.
“It has helped me with “transcendence” as I feel this is impossible without physically transcending”.

The accountability of the group was incredibly powerful and connected and kept everyone going even during the times when giving up was coming up strong.

We will be facilitating our next Quantum Program again starting June 1, 2020 (and September 8, 2020).

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