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Wine, beer, whiskey, weed and masks

Last month ended with the great news:  I am now a board-certified Health and Wellness Coach. Yay!

In order to enter fully into my now “certified role” mixed with using my intuitive side, I’ll share that, even though the week started with great news for me, the general feeling from our collective energy was heavy. Clients and friends are feeling more depleted and drained than I had experienced since this health crisis started. 

What is causing this heaviness?  Well the obvious answer is, that we have been semi-isolated for more than a month now.  But the less obvious or visible one is how our systems can start to feel more depleted from the high stress, noticeable or not, that we have all been experiencing during these times.

And I think what might be even more stressful is the unknown about what is coming, the thought of having to deal with coming back to “normal life”, perhaps in masks for an indefinite amount of time, when we are already experiencing an enormous sense of distancing, disconnection and even opposing and confronting opinions with others.

Furthermore, I am really glad I don’t drink anymore (in excess) or consume any other drugs because I can totally understand how people are letting themselves go into that dark hole during these unknown times…

More than ever the message from real health practitioners all around the world is to empower the masses to have preventive and healthy habits that can enhance the health of our planet one person at a time.

The choice is not just about your health, it has never been, but now it is all clear that this is about the health of the world we are creating to live in.

People are not just at risk of losing their health because of a virus but also from the terrible effects of the sedentary, isolated, and highly stressful powerless lifestyle they are required to live right now.

Here are a few reminders that I think can help right now:

  • Be gentle with yourself, even more, start loving yourself as much as possible every day as well as the people you are interacting with closely or  from a distance.

  • Love your home, your work, your hobbies and enjoy them or search for the things that bring you joy.

  • Most important, be open to other people’s opinions, try to understand where they are coming from, and avoid arguing to defend your point. Instead, try to be the mediator in any situation where confrontation is happening.

These are some of the most important tools we have right now to keep us healthy as a collective, how each and everyone of us takes care of our state of mind and nurtures our connection to our soul.

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