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Next steps to your commitment, save and schedule it.

Last week we sent our first meditation audio.

How was your experience listening and practicing?

Any feedback would be appreciated by simply replying to this email.

After a commitment, it is important to take the necessary steps to make it work.

Below see a few steps necessary in order to succeed with our challenge of daily meditation for 15 minutes:

Save our weekly recording.

  • Commit to a time daily that works for you.
  • Connect to the reward that this new habit is bringing into your life.
  • See our recording for this week below.


Heidi is a coach, speaker, trainer, yogi & AFP teacher based in Melbourne, Australia. She’s super passionate about bringing more clarity, flow, freedom and “ah-ha’s” through great education & coaching. With a rich tool kit — psychometric profiling such as the Enneagram, NLP, hypnotherapy, meditation, grief counseling, heart circles, tarot, and life experience — she’s always ready to join you on a journey of both inner and outer exploration. You are welcome to contact her through our community or via LinkedIn:

If you need more of this, join us in our Wellness Circles, the first Wednesday of each month at 9 am PST. The one in August will focus on mastering stress and anxiety with meditation.

Click here to attend:

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