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Observations of the week: I love technology!

Last year my motto was “I love technology!”

This past week, as I was facilitating one of our afternoon classes, I noticed that the “square” on Zoom in one of my clients was moving and adjusting to provide me with the best view possible.

The camera would zoom in and get in focus, and then it would adjust to the most perfect view of my client’s full body frame.

Of course, I had to ask: “Graciela, are you using a different device?” “Yes,” she said, “my daughter gifted me a new iPad.”

11-inch iPad Pro. Click here for more information.

If you workout in a small room and have to constantly be changing angles of your camera for the trainer to be able to spot you properly, and if you are planning to get a new device, this would be perfect for you.

Thank you Graciela!

Lots of love and have a great weekend!


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