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Are you ready for a major shift?

Quantum Program

Feel the strongest and most connected you can be in your physical body so you can connect stronger with your spirit. This is not just important for your health, but for your happiness.

Movement • Nutrition • meditation • connection

Your anchor for transformation in times of uncertainty.

Do you feel that your physical and mental health have taken a toll during the past couple of years? Uncertainty and doubt are culprits of stress and anxiety, and blind the ability to make decisions. On top of that, have your habits and desire for self care been disrupted, resulting in not feeling comfortable in your body?
Being healthier gives you more security and power to make decisions, and restores mental health. Lowering stress levels lowers the risk of common diseases such as
diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. And becoming sexier enhances your confidence, improves your mood, pleasure, and excitement about your life. 
Rely on our Quantum program which is delivered year after year after year
with amazing success.

What People Say

One of our “Quantomers” experienced that the program is a perfect combo of workouts so that, by the end of the week, she felt that she had exercised and stretched every single muscle of her body.
Another client figured out what her biggest struggle is with food and was able to substitute and shift it.​

“I feel so confident, powerful and sexy inside my body that intimacy with my husband has improved dramatically."

What We Offer

  • A comprehensive breadth of live online classes
  • An injury-free way to work out
  • Effective workout plans
  • Dedicated adult clients with a strong focus on health, greater fitness, and wellbeing
  • Classes that are private and boutique-style (an abundance of personalized guidance with no false hype and no large numbers of participants)
  •  A safe and judgement-free space in which to exercise safely
  •  A system that creates accountability and invites deeper exploration into health and wellness 
  • Professional and encouraging trainers who get as much joy from a client achieving an extra rep as clients do on the mat!

daily exercise

A perfect mix of workouts.

3 Mindful Online Workouts (strength training) per week + 2 Mindful Movement Classes/ /week of your choice: Pilates, Yoga, or Dance.

Here are the benefits you will gain from our online group classes:

  • Discover how to exercise less and burn more fat
  • Master movements you can incorporate at home or at work
  • Build strength & power from the comfort of your home
  • Learn movements that shrink waistlines

Quantum cleanse

A jump start to your system in order to create the nutritional habits that will change the way your body looks and feels for the rest of your life. Our body needs to “reset” a few times a year. This is an easier way to come back to your healthy eating habits surrounded by an accountability group that supports you.

These are the benefits you will experience after our cleanse:

  • Awareness of unconscious habits
  • Learn to make better food choices that fit your lifestyle
  • Feel leaner, lighter & stronger
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Fat loss
  • Create a new lifestyle
  • People will tell you this is the healthiest and leanest you’ve ever looked!

NEW: home detox, accountability software, daily action.



These classes have been lovingly put together to support your mind and body during this exceptional time. They include meditation classes, circles and Qi-gong.

NEW: Weekly Classes and Mediation Library.


Quantum Weekly calls

Surround yourself with a community of people sharing the same goal and have an accountability group.

Daily Reminders: You will connect with a group of like-minded individuals so that you can thrive in your outcome of supreme health, avoiding the influence of negative thoughts and feelings.

Quantum Preparation Group Call: Because achieving an optimal level of health and wellness includes more than just smart exercise and good nutrition, we will discover what YOUR specific needs are to being radiantly healthy and happy, plus simple ways you can include them in your daily life.

After-Quantum Party: Relax in knowing that you are doing the most important thing right now, which is taking care of yourself so that you can thrive in our “new world” and help others do the same.

Weekly Circles: NEW- During these weekly calls you can bring your biggest concern and questions.



Group Quantum Energy Balancing Session

In Action with Valerie Sorrentino

One of Valerie’s favorite energy recalibration tools is using daily Light Spectrum Energy to clear, ground and refresh your energy, clear your mind of confusion, and overwhelm and to lift heaviness that can be subtle or feel like a ton of bricks. The bonus session will be a guided imagery with immediate results in feeling more calm, clear and able to have the energy to achieve your goals.


Quantum Cooking with library

Recipes and videos for yummy, delicious and easy-to-prepare dishes that you can do over and over again.

And More!

New in 2022

How to Break the Over Drinking Habit and Live the Life of Your Dreams


Join us for this talk on How to Break the Over Drinking Habit and Live the Life of Your Dreams, by Sherry Price. Sherry will cover habit formation with drinking while going over some tips on how to drink less.

new in 2022

Knees to Toes Workshop

Facilitated by Julia Semple, this workshop is here to help you understand the ideal position for you body while working out to prevent injury and reducing chronic pain.

The Bull and Ballerina Transformative Story Cards

These cards are designed to help you become aware of the negative habits and events occurring in your life. Embrace the story of The Bull and The Ballerina and use these cards as a motivating tool to assist you through your own transformation.


Change is possible.

This is not just important for your health, but for your happiness.