ana nieto

Speaking & Group Facilitation

Inspire your audience with an opening act or presentation that will motivate your participants.

Inspire your audience with an opening act that will motivate your participants.

With Ana as your opening act, she will prep your audience by creating fun, interactive movements and get your participants out of their chairs, out of their heads, and into their bodies.


Through this process Ana helps your participants transform their energy to one of empowerment and excitement so that they can actively interact, be more open to receive and retain the information coming their way.

Featured Presentations

Sustainable & Mindful Exercise

An educational and interactive workshop based on a safe, effective and mindful method of exercise.


Attendees will learn:

How to exercise less and burn more fat

Mindfulness & fitness

Build strength & power from the comfort of their home

The Truth About Your Metabolism

Learn how your metabolism really works. This presentation will be followed by a 21-Day Cleanse.


Here are some of the benefits of the presentation and the cleanse:

Create awareness of unconscious habits

Make better food choices that fit your lifestyle

Feel leaner, lighter & stronger

Reduce inflammation

Fat loss

Create a new lifestyle

People will tell you this is the healthiest & leanest you’ve ever looked!

Movement Creation Workshop

A dance workshop for non-dancers.


Our Movement Workshop will:

Assist you in discovering your inner dance moves

Show you how to create consciously from your heart & soul

Help you express & release your feelings through movement

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Create fun and interactive movements for your attendees.