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Dear Ana,

April 27 marked one year since I joined Mindful Online Gym. In that time I have made a transformation and survived and almost thrived during a global pandemic. I am so fortunate to have found you through a free workout from OsteoStrong. I knew immediately that your style would work for me. I loved the breathing and the mindful movement and the empowerment of your classes. I remember early on that Elena really fired me up and motivated me and that I couldn’t hear enough, “You’re doing an amazing job.” But having you as my mainstay Ana was consistent, comforting and empowering. Adding Pilates and Cassie to the mix, I was able to reach a different level of body awareness and unlock issues that had been a lifetime in the making. Last but not least, the gift that is Valerie was almost too much for me to believe. How I had this amazing program with so many facets and such support and such wisdom and knowledge. I love yoga and I have gained incredible well-being from that experience.

One thing about your program that is remarkable is the way you continually adjust and add things to the program. I love the themes and the focus each class/week. I like the way you add different moves and stretches to balance out the workouts along the way.
Each of you has an amazing eye and a generosity of teaching. Ana, always noticing everything and reminding me to breathe, Cassie showing me things about exercises that I had never noticed to bring them to the next level, Elena with her challenging routine and knowledge, Valerie with her magnanimous nature and perfect corrections, noticing every detail about my posture.

Speaking of posture, that is one of the major improvements that I have seen over the past year. I hold myself much more erect and I am proud when I walk. I have lost over 10 inches overall and I have defined muscles that I’ve never seen emerge before.

This program helped me build my body and strength back from serious illness and injury. Three years ago in 2018, I almost died of sepsis. In 2019, racing in a student teacher track meet, I fell and injured myself to the point where I was unable to walk, and my muscles atrophied from the lack of movement. I had really lost the desire or care to rebuild myself until the pandemic, when I discovered you.

I told myself that after one year of doing your program, I would write and tell you everything that I have gained and benefited from. I’m sure I’ve left some things out. But you have made all the difference in the world for me and I really love each and every one of you and feel fortunate to be a part of Volar and mindful movement online. I’m looking greatly forward to the quantum cleanse in the next three weeks. We keep striving onward and upward and I am so grateful.

Thanks and sincere love, Jane

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