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Sunday Scaries

How do you usually feel on Sunday evenings?

Are you relaxed and refreshed or do you feel a bit stressed coming back to the workweek?

The term “Sunday Scaries” has become a catchphrase over the past decade. It refers to the visceral reaction to sensing the weekend ending and needing to get back to work after the weekend.

It worsened during the pandemic as we began “sleeping” at the office and repurposing our kitchen counters and living rooms.

Most people notice that the anxiety decreases after a few days back into the workweek.

If you are experiencing this unpleasant feeling, see below are a few tips to help you flow easily from the weekend into your workweek:

  • Plan a weekend where you can refill your cup: schedule the activities that feel recharging for you even if they might feel overextended to others. This could be in the way of fun activities outdoors, self-care sessions, or just simply lying down and reading a book. We are all different and need to find what works better for us.

  • Prepare for your workweek on Sunday — this is what I call the “Sundaythron.” This could be a few hours planning the week ahead and scheduling what is important for you to get accomplished. After your Sundaythron, make sure you also schedule a little time to decompress before the day ends.

  • Schedule a not super-busy Monday. Monday mornings are probably not the best day to have an extremely busy schedule as you want to ease into the flow of the workweek from the weekend.

  • Plan something soothing and relaxing on Monday mornings. As an idea, we have a yoga class now on Mondays at 10:30am P.S.T. 😊

  • Take a mid-week break on Wednesdays — I try to plan a weekend-like activity on Wednesdays: for me it is a massage, going to the driving range, or, like this week, starting to play tennis again. A simple dinner with friends could do the trick for you.

I hope this helps.

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