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Why I’ve Just Hired a Trainer

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This year, I had the pleasure to work with a considerably higher number of clients than I have in previous years. I have found that with additional clients, there is less time for myself. Just as my clients complain they don’t have time to exercise, I find myself experiencing the same issue.
Apart from being busy with long hours at work, I have found every possible excuse to neglect, postpone, or cancel the workouts I had scheduled with myself.  Yes, I am human too and the fact that I am a fitness trainer doesn’t mean that I workout every day or that I like it. But I know it is a need that my body requires and it must happen.
After a couple of months of dilly-dallying, I decided to hire a trainer.  It feels great that I don’t have to: think about the exercise choices, which weight to use, track time during each exercise, or mentally push myself.  It is all done for me and I feel so well-taken care of and watched over.

  • Are you neglecting to hire a fitness trainer when you know that you won’t exercise on your own?

  • Are you so busy that you don’t have time to exercise anymore?

  • Are you tired, have no energy, and find every single excuse to postpone, reschedule, or cancel the day you will start a sustainable exercise routine?

Then, I would love to work with you!

Just like I hired my trainer, you can hire me to be your accountability partner and help you through the process to become your highest and healthiest self. We all sometimes need help in areas of our life that is not our expertise but know we should not neglect.

Schedule a complementary session and let’s find out where we can go from there.

Much love and I almost forgot, Happy Halloween!! 💀👻 I will be Wonder Woman this year.

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